Jafarlee releases soul-stirring new single “Isolated” and launches clothing line J Feather

Tampa, Fla.-Today marks a bold business move for rapper/ singer Jafarlee. Building on his brand as an entertainer and entrepreneur, he releases touching new single Isolated and officially launches new clothing line J Feather on the same day.

“With so much going on nowadays with COVID-19, people being in quarantine and feeling all alone, both the music and the new apparel line are ways for me to connect with my fans and offer some positivity in their lives,” says Jarfarlee. “We just want to help people get through these tough times and let them know that they are not alone.”

On the catchy, sing-along single “Isolated,” Jafarlee sings heart-touching melodies of hopefulness for the future. Over breezy guitar strums, a driving drum track and crisp 808 hand claps, he croons: “Can you tell me how it feels when you’re all alone?/ Isolated, far away from home/ Away from it all, can’t hide too long/ brace yourself and take it head on/ Cuz I know.”

“When I was going through beats, the instrumental spoke to me, and the melody just came to me. And then, I just let the emotions come out,” says Jafarlee. “The record might make you feel sad, but it also makes you feel triumphant.”

Just as symbolic for feelings of triumph, is Jafarlee’s new clothing line J Feather, whose logo is simply the letter J and a feather. The tribal-inspired boot-shaped design symbolizes Jafarlee’s home state of Louisiana while the feather itself is symbolic of trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power and freedom.

Simple yet bold, the apparel line is a fashion favorite for men, women, and kids, featuring tees, hoodies, joggers, caps, and more. The collections within the line are the Beacon line for “dad” hats, Birds of a Feather line for sporty apparel and the Griffin line for the kids.

“The brand is for anyone who feel comfortable exploring their creativity,” explains Jafarlee. “It stands for being free and standing up for whatever you believe in.”

In conjunction with the release of his new single “Isolated,” J Feather apparel line officially launches today. “People try to categorize me as just being a rapper, but I’m a successful black entrepreneur who happens to be a rapper,” Jafarlee explains. “And I’m an entrepreneur who happens to have a clothing line.”

Born Aaron Jafarlee Pursley in the small town of Mansura, La. (about 160 miles northwest of New Orleans), Jafarlee released hi debut project #LeeMix in 2013, came back the following year with #LeeMix 2 and came again with his first EP 21 in 2015. It was followed by 2016 project LeeVember, which consisted of a new song every Friday in month of November 2018.

“I want to touch as many lives as possible with my music, because I have something for everybody,” he says. “It’s relatable in so many ways to so many people.”